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..............bcos He lives, i can face tmr........

The blog named “Inspiration”…

My friend from Canada posted a video of love story of her Canadian friend with his Singaporean bride.

I watched it like just another nice wedding video that tells a couple's love story. And found the blog to the bride.

Each entry she wrote, tugged a heart string in me.

Want to read on, afraid to read on...

Too captivating... So many things that I agree with...

Too much for my emotions... Cos I share the same struggles to do what she does, and never overcome it... Of serving the needy and trusting God... 

I feel like taking a whole week off to just digest her thoughts, her journey, ponder on the meaning of my life, and my walk with the same God... In this time that I need direction, thank God for sending this blog, this story, this life...

Thanks J... 

Unexplain-able sad emotion
PMS has been ruled out because this is just Day 8 of this cycle and usually PMS (If any) hits me ard end week 3 or just before the new cycle.

I reasoned it was partly due to the fact that I can't have my yearly holiday that is bringing my mood to an all time low.

It is actually not so much the inability to go for A TRIP that makes me sad...

I am someone who needs a trip, kinda like my yearly pilgrimage except that there is not much spiritual element in my yearly trips. 

This year, I really hope to go Taiwan. a 8D7N kinda trip so that I can venture north, south and central of Taiwan

Why 8D7N because I reckon this will be my 1st and last trip to Taiwan, as I usually don't repeat travelling places due to lack of budget. Due to family planning, this might be the last trip (if I do get preggers), and since it will be a long time before i will get to travel again, I hope this trip can be more fruitful, in terms of duration and location.

To do a 8D trip is currently not possible because Mr K works on weekends and usually cannot take leave in the weekends. The only times he took weekend-leave was for the 2-week trip to Sri Lanka with the Primers and for our honeymoon 2 years ago. He just came back from OSLT like 5 days ago... So he is unlikely to get approved and he also is not willing to test that boundary.

Looking at that, a compromise would be a max duration of 5D4N one... And there I have to teach of weekdays because I am, you know, a teacher... This year we have the 2-month course which is known as the P-class, which requires me to teach until 24 Nov, the graduation day. Mr K has a work-trip to Sri Lanka, this time with Ps Lawrence for the Christmas Magic show 1st week of Dec. That leaves us (or should I say, me) which just the 26 - 30th Nov window.

At this same time, his g12 brothers are jioing him for a short getaway, something which they started last year going Bintan, giving them just guy bonding time... and refreshed, retreat are the words they used to describe.

Honestly speaking, I really really do not like the way they (the bros) are pushing Mr K for this trip. This excitement and trying to 'work Mr K' into the plan is creating unknowing displeasure on my end. HERE I AM trying to deal with the emotions of trying to to arrange a trip with my husband, and there they are trying to arrange a fun, leisure trip, further OCCUPYING the very limited time that K and I have together.

Well, what upsets me further, is the feeling of loneliness... It feels extremely lonesome to plan/push for a trip that seems only what I want for myself... 

Of course, on top of that is the inability to pay for a trip whether 8D or 5D to TWN bcos of the almost peak season resulting in higher ticket prices. WHY OH WHY is there the P-class? We would need $1k each and we don't have that excess now. I don't know if this will work out but anyhow I must move out of this emo puddle NOW!

The end of man is the beginning of God...
Thinking about an incident that happened over invilgilation just now...
Thinking about a student who is sometimes sweet, yet sometimes also verbally abusive...

Am comtemplating if I should speak to him about the incident and the areas he should watch out for and work on... or just let it go... It is just another 1 week to end of school term...
The lazy and escapist me just want to let it go... the struggling educator wants to work on it... Struggling reminded me of this song... which I also used for last weekend's prayer tower... I realised I need Him more... 


For I am minute
For I know I need it
That Your desire matters more to me
I can't pretend no more
For it is Your love that I need
Your care
Every path I've been, You've been there before
Some things I can only tell you
For you love me more than anyone else
Tears of pain flow from my eyes
I know You will wipe them for me
In the morning I will want to tell You
Lord Jesus, I will live for you today
The strength that I need, You grant me daily
Your grace is more than enough for me

Sleepness nights
This is going to be a quick entry, I have 10mins more to the end of invilgilating for this paper.

During the PH monday, I took a nap ard 12nn till about 2pm while waiting for my housemate n pal to come over for a cookout session. Although I was tired and felt sleepy, that night I found myself tossing and turning... till 2am... When I finally 'gave up' I went to pee ard 230am and tried falling asleep again. I switched on the aircon, I snuggled up my comforter, I fluffed up my pillow and I laid down... 3am I was still tossing and I went to pee again... I couldn't remember how but I eventually fell asleep and seconds (it felt like seconds) later I was awoken by the morning light. 720am, I checked... when my alarms were set to 6.30am...

Tuesday night, I was totally exhausted from previous sleepless night, and thought I would konk out immediately. Unfortunately, history repeated itself... Tossing, turning, adjusting the aircon temperature, watching drama to get myself to sleep. I last checked my hp at 3am and got so frustrated and TIRED I prayed and asked God to let me go to sleep now so I could function properly the next day. Which I did... But waking at 630am is such a chore when u sleep at 3am...

I was kinda worried abt my sleepless-ness, never had I felt so afraid to 'go to bed' for fear of not being able to sleep again...

I pondered and wondered why so... 1st night was probably due to the nap but 2nd night my body had no reason not to shut down...

It dawned upon me that it could be due to stress... Where is the stress from, I asked? When I did up a mental list did I realised I was indeed stressed up and unaware of it.

Things to do by this weekend:
1) Set Maths Paper 2 for O level (30 Aug)
2) Set POA Paper 1 and 2 (30 Aug)
3) SOW for P-class (2 months course) (30 Aug)
4) Appreciation gifts (26 Aug)
5) Appreciation cards/letters (26 Aug)
6) Prepare for cell (24 Aug)
7) Organising Chill Out Chalet for NYP (ongoing)
8) Mark exam papers
9) Get the PT maid to come (25 Aug)
10)  Planning for OCO and BOTC (15 Sep)
11) Anchoring Prayer tower (14 Sep)
12) TCS Staff Advance (5-8 Sep)
13) WOW Chase helpers list (Just done)
14) Attending COC for both SP and NYP (30 aug - 1 Sep, 3 Sep - 4Sep)

Basically I am stressed up over having little/no time to complete the above before 13 Sept. 
After the realisation of the 'cause' of sleeplessness, I decided NOT TO be stressed... And also got 2 cell sisters to pray for me during g12.

Thankfully, last night I last checked my hp ard 1230pm and managed to sleep w/o much difficulty. Deciding to have a relaxed mind helped tremedously!!

I am now troubled over the scars/wounds on my face... My complexion deteriorated suddenly and it was not even my PMS periods. I then discover my sleepless nights has caused my itchy fingers to peel at the scabs...

I took the below pics with the webcam while invilgilating... Depressed just looking at them...


3 big dents at the side of my eyes, countless holes on my forehead. Not gotta touch my face for the next 2 days and hope it will heal fast enough b4 Kenny comes back from Mongolia.

Meanwhile, I shall hide under my bangs...

Got hold of photos from Sentosa Trip and will be logging them soon...

[Overdue] June Holidays Part 2

Went to Sentosa on the 1st day of my 'June Holidays'. Was waiting for my friend Pat to send me pictures before posting but after reminding/bugging for 2-3 weeks I haven got hold of the pics, so I will just use whatever I had captured on my iPhone. Oh the wonders of iPhone and Instagram.



Seems like I only have pics from Dolphin Lagoon and Underwater World. This should be my 1st time to Dolphin Lagoon but I had been to Underwater World before. I remembered it was with Pat and her Uni friends.

Patricia came to join us ard 2plus after her work... And we got the Sentosa Noon Play-pass which allowed us to go to 4 attractions for $43. Unfortunately the Underwater World and Dolphin Lagoon was not included in the package.

Initially, we wanted to try to Wavehouse. But we found that our ticket only allowed us to try it once, and once we fall off the 'wave', the round is over. We decided not to 'waste' our one attraction on this and went to Images of Singapore, simply bcos of the AIRCON! It was a scorching day! Photos are in Pat and Viv's cameras so I didn't see the need to take duplicated photos on my hp.

First Attraction: The 1st time I went to Images of Singapore was also the same trip I went with Pat and her Uni friends. The place seemed to have change abit, some of the exhibits and the way they are exhibited. It is somewhat refreshing to see the olden Singapore days although I have seen them before. At the end of the journey, there was a store that sold pre-made sauces and sampling. I bought 3 bottle of sauces. Now with my happy call pan, I am more adventurous with cooking! I got the Black Pepper, Sambal Balachan and Laksa Sauces, for $3.50/bottle. My 1st try using the Black pepper sauce was successful!

Second Attraction: We went for the Cable car ride, which was supposed to cost $29. What a great deal we got. Our package entitles us to a normal cable car cabin, but the staff was nice enough to let us have an Angry Bird Cabin! Photo spam until siao! (Waiting for Pat and Viv's cameras lah) It was a nice ride though abit warm at times. We had so much fun with the Angry Bird Plushtoy. I am not a fan but better than the normal cabin!

Third Attraction: Then we went to try the Luge and Sky rides. I tried that with Kenny before, and Pat tried it before too. But we decided to go for that so that Vivian can have a try.

Fourth Attraction: We also tried the Segway which was pretty easy to manuveur, unfortunately, the ride was very short, barely 5mins.

I think the next time I would try to 1hr package at Wavehouse and the 30mins package for the Segway.

Pat's Noon pass has the Merlion, which Viv and my pass doesn't have. So we went to Palawan beach to chill while waiting for Pat to finish her visit to Merlion. The NUS Arts Camp happened to have their beach day there and there were HOARDS AND HOARDS of young people there throwing their seniors or pretty girls into the sea. Quite disgusting cos its like a flirting act between these NUS undergrads.

The day ended with us bringing Vivian back to mainland Singapore for dinner at Jiaxiang Kolo Mee. We all had a good laugh at the Jiaxiang Mian's advert that still rings in my mind after so many years. It was a good time catching with with Vivian, who is back on a 4mth vacation and settling herself permanently back in Canada. Must meet up with her once more b4 she leave SG for good!

Next up would be Rainy Zoo trip w my hubby.


[Overdue] June Holidays Part 1
My colleagues and I on a day-trip to JB for staff bonding! Here we were at City Square Mall Old Town Cafe slurping awesome Ipoh Horfun and tea/coffee!
From City Square mall, we had a slow brunch and t ook a cab to Danga City Mall where we will be playing PAINtball (Pun totally intended).
It cost RM35 for a starter pack, which entitles each of us to 200 of those bullets filled w paint. If you have a group of 12-15pax, u can consider getting a lump sum of 2000 pallets for RM320, which works out to RM15 and the suit and 'bullet-proof' vest.

Top: Alex, me and my sister all dressed up.
Bottom: Whole TY Team ready for 'battle'. Our 2 bosses were not ready to face the battle so they opted out.
We had enough bullets  to last abt 5-8 rounds. I gave up after one round because Alex and my sister were both injured by the stray bullets. My sis got hit 4 times in the head and was crying. Alex was hit in the neck which was very sensitive as there was no protection. I stopped playing bcos I felt bad for Alex and Cindy cos I was in the opposing team as them. And I saw Alex hiding in my 1st round. I believed I had hit him. After my sister calmed down from her pain I found out she was not on my side of the field so I did not hit her. Well, its kinda traumatising for both of them.
After a long long wait for all the 7 rounds to finish, we cabbed back to City Square for some kinda of tea/meal break. I was eyeing the Secret Recipe Cakes cos they cost so much lesser here. Majority of the colleagues went to starbucks or shopping. I went Secret Recipe to buy a whole chocolate banana cake and also to use up my RMs. Alex, Cindy, Boss and Big boss and stevie went with me. I was glad to get a WHOLE chocolate banana cake for less than SGP 36. Thats inclusive of GST k...

I had to lug a big cake box back via public transport and clear the customs. Fortunately, Big boss who lived in Lor Ah Soo offered me a lift. She also bought for herself a whole choco banana cake! I managed to reach home on time for a shower before cell started. Eventually we had a slice of cake each after cell. Awesome day!!!


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To blog or not to blog?
Recently I have the thought of 'closing' this blog again. 

I am a frequent reader of various blogs. I enjoy reading blogs, it feels like 'going through' the experiences of the writer, like their travels, their parenting, their work requirements, where they dine at and sometimes their struggles or thought processes etc. Once in a while, i see my blog thumbnail and I am not attracted/tempted to blog or read it.

Just last night, Kenny asked me if I am still blogging. Now I know he doesn't read my blog, if not he would have known that I have written abt YOUcampaign and cell sometimes. I wonder who still reads my blog now. Does anyone read my blog to catch up on my life? I am just curious...

Now, back to the question, to blog or not to? I love reading blogs, but would I like to read my blog? I don't think so, but for now I don't really know how to 'close' a blog... And I think I bu she de to 'delete' these records of my life's journey... So perhaps this blog will stagnate for now or I find a purpose/theme for blogging...

BZ bz BZ
I haven't felt so bz for a long time... And I realised I keep saying things like, I have nv felt so bz before. I guess either every year I out-did myself or I am just plain exaggerated

Wed's observation came and go. I didn't have time to prepare becos I went for Momentum Conf. Although I was very tired, I managed to pick up a few points from Ps Lance. I was really not prepared, but thankful for the attentive (but late haiz) students I was able to engage the class and test some understanding. When i go through a lesson like that, I really really enjoy myself teaching! Now, we need to start writing lesson plans, at least once a week to build up our lesson resources. Depending on whether we want to get certified by CPE, we would need to submit our curriculum for checkins.

This weekend is another LONG WEEKEND! Am glad to be going Batam with the YN leaders. I remember when I was there the last time, I went for a massage which cost $80 (very expensive but totally comfortable). I wonder if there will be any free slots for me to do it again this year. I'm kinda in a dilemma, caught between "I really need a massage" vs "shouldn't spend so much money". Its like, got money but cannot spend. Why, you would think? Basically saving for rainy days ba. Saving for future uses like children, my sis' purchase of flat and renovation what nots. Dilemma dilemma dilemma!!

Following weekend would be burnt also at SP.POC... Kinda excited for this whole cycle of recruitment, NDP and building relationships. I just hope I wld keep up the excitement and don't always pangchek (punctured) in the middle when my physical capacity cannot keep up. Manpower still very tight for NDP. MUST KEEP UP!

Had a great time with the Booth committee on tue night, whether Kang and I got appreciated! I mean, WOW!! I was officer/advisor for the past 3 years in various committees and no one has EVER appreciated the head or the officer in charge! Was really touched and abit paiseh bcos I nv prepare anything... Since its not common to have committee appreciations. BUT REALLY THANKS ALOT TO ALL THE SWEETIES!!!

Booth committee at the last day of their booth!

After our dinner at Just Acia

Yes, Kang and I feel so appreciated!!! =) SUCH A BIG BOARD!

My colleague's son is going to Paris end May and she is contemplating getting a LongChamp for herself. She asks me if I want another one. I OF COURSE WANT! But cannot anyhow spend (see above for reason)! Should I get it?!

Half happy and sad
I was supposed to have lesson observation (boss observing me teaching) so I spent the whole weekend preparing for it. Spent all my free moments on Saturday and Sunday just editing the slides, making the theory easy to understand, creating new slides of triangles.

The period for observation is just over. Unfortunately, my boss could not observe my lesson because she has to deal with some disciplinary issues. The next time she can observe my lesson would be wed for Maths and Accounting. NOW I have to start preparing the lesson ALL OVER again because today my lessons for the N class and wed for the O class are 2 different topics!

To think Kenny actually suan-ed me last night that I am 'cheating' because my painstakingly prepared lesson is not the 'real' standard of my normal lessons. Now I have to go through the whole process to create the same standard for my 'lesson observation'.

OK, sad things aside... My colleague finally received her bill for my LongChamp purchase. And it cost a grand total of $125 only! To think this would cost $220 approx in local shops, i can't believed I just saved $100 plus minus. Kenny also likes this bag very much so this is a awesome purchase.

Now I shall go back to preparing for my Wed's observation. Gambatte!!!


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