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I am right now sitting in the Principal's room (a small meeting room setting) student-sitting (like baby sitting) my student challenging O level POA questions in preparation for his exams in 3 weeks. Today is also the N level Maths Paper 1 from 2-4pm, I have yet to hear from my students about the paper. Hope the students have revised and applied the right formula and steps. So super fast, this year is coming to an end.

Life is pretty much occupied with 3 groups of students asking questions from the N level, O level and Bridging course. Very few from N level as most has given up on Maths and POA, or should I say they strategise by focusing on near-pass subjects like Geography and Science. Anyhow, I am pretty satisfied with the thirsty (thirst for knowledge) students of the Bridging course and the "last minute improve POA" student from O class. I also pretty much enjoy that I get to slow down in teaching the curriculum and bringing the weaker students up to pace.

Yesterday was one of the few times I did something different in a long time.

For one, i followed the devotion passage for a few days (I can barely last 3 days) and I read extra passage yesterday out of curiosity of the story of Samson. I wondered why did Samson do something so silly as to tell the secret of his strength to a lady who has tried to sabotage him for 3 times already. Once Bitten, Twice shy, Thrice is foolishness? Although the LLJ devotion mentioned that Samson's weakness was women and that led to his downfall, I thought that maybe, just maybe Samson's act of going back to Delilah time and again, can be paralleled to us playing with fire, or what I call, "Courting Sin". He kept being involved in Philistine women (I thought chosen people should not intermarry) and visited a prostitute??!! I share the devotion with some of my gers and today I found similar interpretation in today's passage!

It truly encourages me because sometimes I feel that I would have wasted time if I do not hear a word from God. Now with the LLJ interpretations sometimes I just read it and assume I understand what the Lord is saying to me. But just as I painfully do my devotion sharing, there God speaks and affirms!

Secondly, I got out of my comfort zone and met up with one member. Visited Bobo at SP prayerpoint (PP) BBQ. Wanted to catch up with her and get to know her and see the work that she is doing in SP PP. It was enjoyable watching her interact with the people and hearing her share some of her struggles. She should be one of the most open member I have, who shared opening when I ask about family, ministry, herself and stuff. It looked like she enjoyed the time spent too. =)

Kenny often urged me to meet my girls and get to know them better. I often struggled because when I do try to arrange to meet any of them, they have something on and I am not able to fix a meeting. Coupled with procrastination and a sense of rejection, it would take ALOT of effort before I muster enough strength to try again.

Kenny "challenged" me (well he didn't, but I felt challenged) to know the girls personally and not through my leaders, like Shan, Wensze and Valerie. Somehow that sparked abit of fire in me and I tried to 'date' Maggie and Bobo last nite. Although both of them can't make it, I would normally go back into my shell and nuah at home on my comfy sofa, catch up dramas and laundry. But I went to join her at the BBQ instead. And it was pretty enjoyable! I hope to show my support to Bobo and got to pray for her. I am happy!


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