A Life made complete by God's grace

..............bcos He lives, i can face tmr........

Onto the new band wagon!
Hopped onto the Dayre Bandwagon and found it easy to use and surprisingly addictive that I had neglected my Instagram and no longer Tweet. Read me here! Its pretty lonely there, nobody (except one) is reading me!


500 words is more friendly than 140 characters on twitter or having random photos and captions on Instagram.

Its so much easier to blog instant raw thoughts and uploading photos are a breeze. Photos can have instagram-ed effects (not all but I don't really bother about the difference).

It would be perfect if Dayre Posts could be pushed to LJ daily... But I don't think it will ever be, as the Dayre blogs looks very good and simple already...

I am right now sitting in the Principal's room (a small meeting room setting) student-sitting (like baby sitting) my student challenging O level POA questions in preparation for his exams in 3 weeks. Today is also the N level Maths Paper 1 from 2-4pm, I have yet to hear from my students about the paper. Hope the students have revised and applied the right formula and steps. So super fast, this year is coming to an end.

Life is pretty much occupied with 3 groups of students asking questions from the N level, O level and Bridging course. Very few from N level as most has given up on Maths and POA, or should I say they strategise by focusing on near-pass subjects like Geography and Science. Anyhow, I am pretty satisfied with the thirsty (thirst for knowledge) students of the Bridging course and the "last minute improve POA" student from O class. I also pretty much enjoy that I get to slow down in teaching the curriculum and bringing the weaker students up to pace.

Yesterday was one of the few times I did something different in a long time.

For one, i followed the devotion passage for a few days (I can barely last 3 days) and I read extra passage yesterday out of curiosity of the story of Samson. I wondered why did Samson do something so silly as to tell the secret of his strength to a lady who has tried to sabotage him for 3 times already. Once Bitten, Twice shy, Thrice is foolishness? Although the LLJ devotion mentioned that Samson's weakness was women and that led to his downfall, I thought that maybe, just maybe Samson's act of going back to Delilah time and again, can be paralleled to us playing with fire, or what I call, "Courting Sin". He kept being involved in Philistine women (I thought chosen people should not intermarry) and visited a prostitute??!! I share the devotion with some of my gers and today I found similar interpretation in today's passage!

It truly encourages me because sometimes I feel that I would have wasted time if I do not hear a word from God. Now with the LLJ interpretations sometimes I just read it and assume I understand what the Lord is saying to me. But just as I painfully do my devotion sharing, there God speaks and affirms!

Secondly, I got out of my comfort zone and met up with one member. Visited Bobo at SP prayerpoint (PP) BBQ. Wanted to catch up with her and get to know her and see the work that she is doing in SP PP. It was enjoyable watching her interact with the people and hearing her share some of her struggles. She should be one of the most open member I have, who shared opening when I ask about family, ministry, herself and stuff. It looked like she enjoyed the time spent too. =)

Kenny often urged me to meet my girls and get to know them better. I often struggled because when I do try to arrange to meet any of them, they have something on and I am not able to fix a meeting. Coupled with procrastination and a sense of rejection, it would take ALOT of effort before I muster enough strength to try again.

Kenny "challenged" me (well he didn't, but I felt challenged) to know the girls personally and not through my leaders, like Shan, Wensze and Valerie. Somehow that sparked abit of fire in me and I tried to 'date' Maggie and Bobo last nite. Although both of them can't make it, I would normally go back into my shell and nuah at home on my comfy sofa, catch up dramas and laundry. But I went to join her at the BBQ instead. And it was pretty enjoyable! I hope to show my support to Bobo and got to pray for her. I am happy!

An entry about nothing
I have nothing to update here, though I could probably update about my awesome Taiwan Trip in June, or the fun and KC leaders retreat to Gardens by the Bay and Legoland in Aug, the YN Re encounter 2 weeks ago, or even the physically challenging yet satisfying RIO camp in Ubin just last week.

But my mood now does not quite match the mood that I experiences going through the above events. My life feels somewhat boring. Mundane. Dead weight... Passion-less...

Yes, I am going to talk about Passion... For me, it is the lack of... I can't seem to find the passion to do the things that I am doing.

I still love teaching,
I like my colleagues and my work environment and culture.
My boss is very understanding and supportive.
I love KC cell and the ministry I am doing. Love every member, want to develop them.
I like the NYP folks, they are so nice about everything.
I love this family in FCBC.
I love the G12 that I am in, despite the many changes that happened recently.
I love Kenny and the life we have together, love everything that had happened...

I keep on doing what I do, it felt like something is missing...
There is no excitement even though I enjoyed every experience.

I think I need to find myself... or mayb THIS is myself...


Another 2.5month whizz past since I last updated.

Would like to thank God for watching after my mom throughout her surgery and healing.

Just thought I would share my first life 'shattering' experience.

I consider it a masterpiece.

When I showed it to 3 different stores at Bukit Merah (my workplace) the shopkeepers all had the appalled look. Their expressions were even worse than my Hubs. Anyway, $150 poorer w a good-as-new screen.

All 3 stores had claimed that their screen-parts are original and does not void apple warranty. I had prices from $200 (1st shop) and $180 (3rd shop). The 4th shop did not even bother to quote a price, saying no stock.

Went to the 2nd shop since it quoted the least at $150. It was the lowest I had heard so far even through online google searches.

I have learnt my lesson, to always have protective casing. I just changed my casing to one that does not cover the corners, and phone cracked at first drop. Previously when I was using iPhone 4 and previous covers, no damage despite dropping a couple of times. Yup!


Half of 2013

Half of 2013 whizzed past at the blink of an eye.

Nothing much changed in the last 6 months... Oh wait...

Something impactful did happened.

For one, my mom got hospitalised due to a broken valve in the left side of her heart. Now I am actually glad that I studied pure Bio for O level and understood how this broken valve could harm her heart and cause it to fail in time to come. I am just simply thankful that my mom agreed to go through the heart surgery to repair (less damaged one) and replace (damaged) the valves.

Knowing her character, I actually thought I need to do a presentation to her to convince her for the surgery. However, I just told her over a phone call to know the risks involved in doing and not doing the surgery. Both decisions will carry certain risks and if you are to subject yourself to any risks, you know to know WHY u decided to subject yourself to that! I also told her to think about it carefully and you can make whatever decisions. Eventually it took her one day to come back to my sis and I that she will do it (in a reluctant tone).

So now I am kinda putting my life on hold so that I can be available for her in this period b4 and even after the surgery.

Yesterday at service, Ps Weelong preached about "Touching where it hurts" which teaches on healing and casting out demons. I responded to the altar call to claim healing for my mom even before she undergo the surgery.

The next big thing what that I finally went to Taiwan after wanting to go for it for the last few years. I can't remember when it started but I had this list of "Places I want to visit". Taiwan and Japan are on this list. Called it dream fulfilled?

After our Vietnam trip last November, i did not expect myself to go on a trip so soon. But Kenny was saying this is the only slot he has (He is not confident of year end as work also heightens up). Kenny was supposed to plan for this one becos I planned Krabi for our 1st trip and Vietnam for the 2nd trip. About 2 weeks before the dates I asked him for plans and found that he has none and he couldn't come out wiht anything.

So took over I did and almost caused myself to turn blind due to the excessive amount of staring at the screen and intensive research of where I want to visit. Although I was thrown this task last minute, I wasn't a wee bit angry, upset or disappointed. Knowing that Kenny is not a person who likes to travel, and yet he indulges in me like that. I would probably come up with another entry loaded with pics regarding the trip. Hope I wouldn't procrastinate too much.

Ending off with a picture of my 'newly' packed work desk. Thank God for Youth Day!


This is how the other half of the table looks like now, and yup... THAT is how it usually is and worse...

Back to packing the other half and the other tables I have invaded b4 6pm!


On my way to work I witnessed 2 scenarios.

Scenario One:
In a crowded MRT train, a high pitched child voice was heard whining that he cannot hit. 打不到,打不到 in a whiny tantrum tone.

From time to time, audible voice was heard from said child throughout the 20min train journey. Mid journey, the child's handheld game player volume was increased, so he was playing Angry Birds.

As the train empties itself at Dhoby Ghaut, I moved to cleared space and happened to be right in front of child. Child was sitting in a weird position, facing inwards where the backing is. Child's guardian (could be father or grandpa) held his hand across the back of child so that child would not fall back and be hurt. Although adult man said to child not to sit this way, he did not insist that he sits properly. The child then deliberately leaned back onto arm a few times, to test the 'back support'.

As I alighted, I stole a glance at adult man and he was looking conscious of others glares and could do nothing. I left shaking my head.

Scenario Two:
Mom and child crossing a small road at Chinatown. I think the mom just put the child down and child stumbled a little, in the direction towards the main road w moderate traffic.

Mom saw kid moved towards traffic (to me looked like stumbled), grabbed kid up and slap her thighs 3-4 times. Kid cries out loud. I dun think she knows why she is being punished. I walked past said mom and overheard her speaking in Cantonese. Not local.

I shook my head again.

I duno what made me want to write down this 2 accounts but I see 2 vastly different ways of parenting. Senario 1 is "The child is king". Senario 2 is "Punishment w/o explaining what was wrong behaviour". I don't subscribe to both.

I am no expert, I just hope I wld do a good job when it is my turn.

PS: the 2nd scenario actually resembles my mom's style of parenting,


What I was bz with over the weekend

Ian was such a darling, after I learnt how to work with him. That's him make-pretending to blow a bday cake.

It was a tiring but fun weekend nonetheless. More on the Zeogen camp when I get back to work tmr...

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Vietnam Trip 2012 (Day 4-6)
So we woke up in Day 4 at about 430am. Our train reached Hanoi Train station at about 530am so the train 'waitresses' will knock on our cabin doors before that so that we can prepared to change/washup and immediately disembark when the train stops. The TSC train was way more jerky so I was up even before the people came about knocking.

Weather was cold and wet as it was drizzling when we reached. We were supposed to find our way to New Moon hotel (remember Day 1). After we got our orientations right, New Moon was about 100-150m away across the road only. When we reached New Moon, we had to wait for the service staff to settle another group of tourists. Kenny went to check if we had a room booking which was mentioned to guide Phuong over at Sapa when he called the tour operator. Although we only had about less than 4hours, we welcomed the room where we had our bath and another nap till breakfast was ready at 7am.

Guide Sang came to pick us up at 8am on a 3-hour journey to Halong Bay pier. It was more than 4 hours with a half an hour rest-stop in between. Weather was chilly but better than Sapa by alot, the hazy view ahead made me didn't quite look forward to the cruise. Anyway, we had a smaller boat (think Pulau Ubin bumboats) to transport us onto the Junk which is under V'Spirit Cruise. Ours was a 2D1N itinerary very close to this link.

So here goes the spam of photos.

01. Route tickets that our guide had to pay for us. Cost only VND130k each only...

02. Empty sundeck greeted us! (Facing back of Junk)

03. Thats my hubs checking out the deck. (Facing front of Junk)
#effects by photobucket

04. Thats us chilling on the deck chairs, enjotying the breeze. Was awesome!
#effects by photobucket

And then lunch was ready for us. There was nobody on the Junk so I joked to the Guide. I said, 'I thought I only booked a cabin, now I have the whole Junk!' Lunch was alot of dishes, fish, chicken, pork, soup, vege and salad.

After lunch we chilled a little more at the sundeck and/or our room until it was time for Kayaking. I was so NOT LOOKING FORWARD to the kayaking cos the weather was cool and breezy. I was not prepared to get wet and we both didn't have our swim wear. #underpacked But it turned out really fun too. No pictures because we didn't prepare to waterproof our cameras (which was our phones actually). So its wasted cause the place where were did kayaking was really peaceful. No waves as it was protected by the rocks and even the winds too. So it was not cold at all and I was really glad that Kenny was very good at kayaking. We could go very fast if we wanted to. We exercised for about 1hour and explored every 'rock' in the vicinity.

The guide then brought us to Soi Sim beach where we climbed 150 stone steps up and trekked about 100 steps of vegetation. View was good except that the fog was thick and we couldn't get good shots. Maybe it is just me having #noskill cos Kenny did manage to take a few pics lah.

After Soi Sim beach, we were told that the hot water is ready for bathing, that explains the cold water coming from the tap despite having twisted the handle to the warm side. I think in the Junk you only have hot water at selected timing. After an warm bath, dinner was ready and we finally got to meet the only other couple staying in the same junk, Mark and Maria.

Mark and Maria came from Quebec City, Canada. Immediately I thought of Vivian and her 2-week stay with me. For the next 3 meals, the 4 of us ate at the same table and chatted on many things, housing, education and fees, their lifestyles, cooking, super market and such...

We ended the night super early... I think I had the best sleep on this night, as I noticed my dark eye rings getting better.

Day 5 I woke up super early as well, with Kenny telling me a nightmare that he had, the conversation we had resulting from the senario in the dream was something I would never forget... It was sweet! :')

The main part of today's programme is the Sung Sot Cave tour. Cave consisted of 3 chambers, 1st chamber is the smallest which many tourists were stuck at at the beginning. Its about the size of a room in a HDB flat, with high ceilings. The 2nd chamber is 3 times bigger than the 1st so its like a 3-rm HDB flat. The 3rd is the largest which most of the photos were taken. It was hard to take pics in there as the lighting was dim so I had to take multiple shots and delete the blur/dim ones.

05. On the way to Sung Sot Cave. The entrance to the Island is hidden behind the rock on the right.

06. I am standing at the beginning of the foot path of the 3rd chamber looking at the end of the path.

07. Me at the same spot, taking at the middle part of the path. The path is a U-turn path. Many other pics can be found on my FB.

I was curious at how this cave was created. The stalactites (from ceiling) and stalagmites (from ground) I learnt in Geo Textbooks but this cave is not found from what I learnt in erosions. I found out (and later verified online) that the origins was underwater volcanic activities creating the clusters of islands and islets at Halong Bay. Sea water dissolving the limestones composites resulting in this chambers. After more volcanic and techtonic activities, the underwater mountains (together with the caves) rose above water. And more erosion/formation activities resulted in the stalactites and stalagmites, sometimes merging to be columns/pillars.

After the facinating cave tour, we hung around the sundeck as we have already checked out of our cabins. After transferring to the dock and long bus ride back to Hanoi, we were dropped at our hotel Sunshine Suites. Before I show u the interesting facility in the toilet, check out what I observed of the vietnamese language.

08. Take at the rest-stop. The pronounciation of Male and Female strangely resembles the chinese hanyu pinyin of 男 Nan and 女 Nu.

09. So in our room toilet there is this glass chamber thingy. It actually has a steam function so I spent like 10mins steaming myself before showering proper.

10. A restaurant named Gecko at "Old Quarters". It was happy hours so we being cheapo and budget ordered almost everything on this promotion.

11. My first beer in the trip. This is just SGD1! For a big bottle of Tiger. One of my best pics of this trip, strangely having a good hair 'night'. 

12. Kenny had 2 Tigers. We were satisfied.

After dinner we walked around the Old Quarters and the lake in the vicinity. It was a nice time taking a slow walk in a foreign land with my love in the chilly streets. We bought some Vietnamese coffee power and filter to make the coffee that cost us VND50k in Sapa valley. Also spent our last dong on souvenior keychains for our cellies.

Every night is Vietnam is an early night, with me waking up on my own before the alarm. Tour agency arranged transfer for us to the airport. The driving in Hanoi is just inefficient in my opinion.

I am thankful to have gone to Vietnam and to make it back safely. So adventurous and I found myself being anxious at times.

Thankful that we managed to buy whatever we want with the money we brought. Not having any spare and not having to change extra. Not having to give up any of our wants/needs.

Thankful for the memories and experience together with my hubs. The dream that was not true but got us thinking and appreciating each other.

Thankful for the good weather in Sapa and Halong Bay, although we were not prepared for the elements but after the 1st day I was prepared for worse.

Thankful for all the transfers and transport. I realised I could be more detailed in my planning and I could have communicated more about the flight delay and on tipping and package inclusions.

Thankful for the sights that I saw, I was reminded that my God created all these. I am one out of the 7 billion people and yet God told me He cared for me specifically. Thank You Lord for not forsaking me in the midst of 7 billion people, when I can not even put my thots on You when u are the only God of all. Help me to decrease and may You increase in my life.

Vietnam Trip 2012 (Day 3)
We woke up  super early in Day 3 due to the nap and early night we had last night.

Took our time to wash up and went to the hotel breakfast but was not attracted to most of the food. So I just spammed the toasted bread and ham slices. It was the first time I went to a hotel which does not provide eggs/omelette.

After breakfast, we changed and go ready for the trekking. It was 10am in Sapa, and the weather outside was freezing. It feels like under 15C. The misty atmosphere added to the coldness and we could breathe out mist as we talk...We didn't bother taking any photos because of the poor visibility, about only 10metres in front of us. I was also not willing to expose my hands to the cold by taking out my phone. I think we went about 1hour before my body heat up from the 'workout' aka trekking.

01. Kenny took this picture which was totally misty-fied... He got this colour after applying some effects on it. Lovely... This is abt 11am and the temperature is still v low.

As we walked on, we are actually walking downward to the valley. We opted for a less challenging trek because my shoes were slippery on the muddy/wet ground. We just kept walking downslope and I think we went under the foggy clouds and began to catch a glimpse of what is below the fog. The visibility and clarity increased as we walked downslope lah.

02. I caught this from the slope (paved road) looking downward into the valley. After applying some instagram effects, the fogginess seems less lah. #skillsilearntfrommyhusband

I stopped taking pics bcos I can't seem to capture nice pics under the dim lighting. At the bottom of the valley, which is the bottom of all the stepped-fields, was a restaurant where we had our lunch. Same policy of one course per pax, but we got Phuong to fix up our menu again, 3 dishes and a soup. We each had a vietnam dripped coffee, which cost us 50k VND (~S$3.5 based on our exchange rate).

After lunch we continued walking to Ta Van Village and visited a 'Homestay' house for tea. Didn't take any pics because its not v nice to take the local's home. We also had  a short trek along the river that ran acrossed the fields.

03. This is one of such rivers. Very refreshing cold water flowing from the steps down.

Surprisingly, our trekking ended abruptly ard 215pm (was told we would finish ard 2plus 3pm) but I guess Kenny and I were fast and the homes and shops got repetivitive after a while. Our van drove us back to hotel which dropped us off, while our guide confirmed the pick up timing to go to the train station for our night train.

Since we had 2hours to spare and no room to rest in, we walked around the town again, for some local snacks and also to buy the cheap, prirated pants (Wolfskin, Northface etc).

We tried the BBQ skewers at 10kVND per sticks, we had 2 pork 'satays' and 2 strawmushroom-with-beef strips. (~approx S$2.80). We finished them before we remembered to take pictures.

04. At a Catholic Church. Saranghae yo!

05. At the Sapa Square (I came up with the name myself) there were locals playing Volleyball. They were very good actually, they were able to keep the ball up for more than 1minute and more than 20 passes. Amazing for me!

With regards to the train ride, there a whole long story altogether.Read more here...Collapse )

06. This is the 4 train tickets for the 4 bedder cabin we booked. We were not allowed to keep the tickets so I took a picture.

Decides to abruptly end the entry because after the train ride we woke up and went to Halong Bay. The pictures are not yet loaded to my photobucket. So one more entry ba!
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Vietnam Trip 2012 (Day 1 and 2)
2 months ago I blogged about not being able to go on a trip. 2 months later, I planned, budgeted, went and came back on a 6D5N trip to Vietnam!

Many thanksgivings to share about this trip, I know it wouldn't have been possible without God.

Our itinerary is quite adventurous, out of 5 nights, 2 nights we spent on train ride and 1 night in a Junk in open seas? The remaining 2 nights was spent at hotels in Sapa and Hanoi respectively.

Our trip had plenty of hiccups, anything that could go wrong, went wrong. Reservist, flight delay, missing driver, communication breakdown...
01. At boarding lounge, waited from 1230-3pm!
02. Surprised by the gesture of Tiger Airways.
They gave us complimentary canned drinks as a form of compensation for the 3-hr delay. Although nothing could be done to make up for the lost time, but the gesture was really nice.
03. At least the lovely view above the rain clouds cheered me up!
04. After a movie and a nap, sunset when we were reaching Noi Bai Airport.
05. Reached Noi Bai Intl Airport @ 630pm and driver was no where to be seen. Lady behind the counter helped to call mobile number.

Anyway, after all the hiccups, things began to clear up when we met the driver who was supposed to pick us up and also the travel agent who was supposed to bring us to the train station. The driver brought us to "New Moon Hotel" (1hour drive) which we found out was just outside of Hanoi Train Station. We grabbed a quick dinner ard 8pm and rushed to our train cabin at 820pm.

The train cabin was a 4-bedder for the passengers to sleep overnight and for our 'to' trip we opted for an upgrade to private cabin, which we found out it means we bought another 2 more tickets for the upper berths. Things started looking up from here onwards.
06. Kenny was very surprised by the train cabin, as its something we both have not done before. You can see the 'folded berth' above Kenny.

We slept around 10plus 11 that night. With Kenny fast asleep and snoring beside me, I kept waking up through the night, as there were slight jerks in our ride and people (mainly locals) talking outside our cabin. zzzz.. We reached ard 5am at Lao Cai Station (Pronouced Lau Kai). As we walked out of the station, our sleepy eyes scanned through the many guides standing along the sides of the entrance, each holding placards bearing different names. I was elated when I saw my name, as I was reminded of the missing driver in the airport.

We go onto a 10-seater (or bigger) van and went on an hour journey to Sapa Town. We were dropped at our hotel, Holiday Sapa Hotel.
07. This was what greeted us at the hotel. Guide was saying we are lucky as the weather today is very good!

I did a paranoma with my iPhone 5. Not very well taken as my hands are not very stable, like Kenny's. The mountains above the 'clouds' (actually fog) is the 3,143m above sea level Fansipan peak. I heard the area under the thick fog is known as the fog valley.
08. Us at the 'Balcony' of hotel and the fog behind

After breakfast at a local store in Sapa Town, we walked ard the town abit with our guide and returned to change into suitable wear for a short trek to Cat Cat Village (Pronounced 'Cart Cart')... Kenny and I were not prepared for the weather, it was below 20C.
09. Sapa Town view, towards the Square
10. We started our trek with, me in jeans, primers jacket (brought my warmest) and ndp shoes, Kenny in his berms and teeshirt only!
11. Can't get enough ot the fog. Feels like we are living in the clouds!

This video featured an elderly lady from the Hmong tribe weaving using a Loom. This long strip of cloth will be dyed in indigo and is a big part of their traditional attire.

The trek to Cat Cat Village was a relatively short one, around 2hours, inclusive of a traditional dance show and waterfall at the middle of the trek. It was a trek on stone steps down Cat Cat Village and after some 1000 downward steps (I think), we reached the waterfall and stage. Then another 200 upward steps, we reached our van and went back to hotel. Guide Phuong brought to a restuarant for dinner. Kenny and I are entitled to one course each under the package. But Phuong asked if we would like him to fix up our lunch menu, we gladly agreed, and we ended up having 3 dishes and 1 soup. Its very scumptious for just 2 of us. One chicken dish, one pork dish, one vege and one soup.

After lunch, its free and easy for us till the next day 10km trek. Since we had time, I asked for massage and Phuong brought us to a 'not-sleazy' massage place. US15 for a 10mins herbal bath and full body massage.
12. Herbal Bath involved us soaking ourselves in this wooden tub, temperature was around 50C? Cos it was too hot to bear but I got used to it quickly and Kenny added loads of cold water to his tub.

The herbal bath is quite an interesting experience though, and helped to relaxed my muscles after the long flight and train ride. But went into nothingness after the massage yah... Although US15 is considered cheap for full body massage in Singapore terms, I would say SKIP IT! Massage in Vietnam is a FAR CRY from those in Thai or Sgp. The lady just used little pressure on the sole of my feet and very little pressure on my calves, back, arms etc. To put it shortly, I DUN FEEL ANYTHING! So EVEN if you have time and money to spare, DUN GO MASSAGE!

After the massage, we walked back to the hotel and had a nap till about 8pm. Woke up and rushed out for dinner though we were not hungry. I was afraid the restaurants would be closed and we would be hungry for the night, there was no 7-11 or grocery alike stores. It was misty and there were water droplets in the air. You can feel them like a slight drizzle on your face. Definitely made underdressed Kenny colder! We didn't know where to have dinner but we couldn't last very long out in the cold streets so we settled at a place called Romano's Pizza. The menu pricing looks ok and we were on a tight budget. Walked in and realised there was free Wifi and a fireplace. NOW i know how much heat a fireplace can emit. We really welcomed that!
13. Dinner was a pizza and a burger with a small bottle of Tiger for Kenny. Whole bill came up to abt SG15. We were filled and not broke!

We ended the night early and I watched a HK movie on Kenny's ipad while he dozed and snored on... Day 3 and 4 in next post!

Oh, if you are planning to go Vietnam, book through Impress Travel. I had my 6D5N itinerary fixed over emails and every thing was in place!
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