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..............bcos He lives, i can face tmr........

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An entry about nothing
I have nothing to update here, though I could probably update about my awesome Taiwan Trip in June, or the fun and KC leaders retreat to Gardens by the Bay and Legoland in Aug, the YN Re encounter 2 weeks ago, or even the physically challenging yet satisfying RIO camp in Ubin just last week.

But my mood now does not quite match the mood that I experiences going through the above events. My life feels somewhat boring. Mundane. Dead weight... Passion-less...

Yes, I am going to talk about Passion... For me, it is the lack of... I can't seem to find the passion to do the things that I am doing.

I still love teaching,
I like my colleagues and my work environment and culture.
My boss is very understanding and supportive.
I love KC cell and the ministry I am doing. Love every member, want to develop them.
I like the NYP folks, they are so nice about everything.
I love this family in FCBC.
I love the G12 that I am in, despite the many changes that happened recently.
I love Kenny and the life we have together, love everything that had happened...

I keep on doing what I do, it felt like something is missing...
There is no excitement even though I enjoyed every experience.

I think I need to find myself... or mayb THIS is myself...


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