A Life made complete by God's grace

..............bcos He lives, i can face tmr........

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Another 2.5month whizz past since I last updated.

Would like to thank God for watching after my mom throughout her surgery and healing.

Just thought I would share my first life 'shattering' experience.

I consider it a masterpiece.

When I showed it to 3 different stores at Bukit Merah (my workplace) the shopkeepers all had the appalled look. Their expressions were even worse than my Hubs. Anyway, $150 poorer w a good-as-new screen.

All 3 stores had claimed that their screen-parts are original and does not void apple warranty. I had prices from $200 (1st shop) and $180 (3rd shop). The 4th shop did not even bother to quote a price, saying no stock.

Went to the 2nd shop since it quoted the least at $150. It was the lowest I had heard so far even through online google searches.

I have learnt my lesson, to always have protective casing. I just changed my casing to one that does not cover the corners, and phone cracked at first drop. Previously when I was using iPhone 4 and previous covers, no damage despite dropping a couple of times. Yup!



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