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Half of 2013

Half of 2013 whizzed past at the blink of an eye.

Nothing much changed in the last 6 months... Oh wait...

Something impactful did happened.

For one, my mom got hospitalised due to a broken valve in the left side of her heart. Now I am actually glad that I studied pure Bio for O level and understood how this broken valve could harm her heart and cause it to fail in time to come. I am just simply thankful that my mom agreed to go through the heart surgery to repair (less damaged one) and replace (damaged) the valves.

Knowing her character, I actually thought I need to do a presentation to her to convince her for the surgery. However, I just told her over a phone call to know the risks involved in doing and not doing the surgery. Both decisions will carry certain risks and if you are to subject yourself to any risks, you know to know WHY u decided to subject yourself to that! I also told her to think about it carefully and you can make whatever decisions. Eventually it took her one day to come back to my sis and I that she will do it (in a reluctant tone).

So now I am kinda putting my life on hold so that I can be available for her in this period b4 and even after the surgery.

Yesterday at service, Ps Weelong preached about "Touching where it hurts" which teaches on healing and casting out demons. I responded to the altar call to claim healing for my mom even before she undergo the surgery.

The next big thing what that I finally went to Taiwan after wanting to go for it for the last few years. I can't remember when it started but I had this list of "Places I want to visit". Taiwan and Japan are on this list. Called it dream fulfilled?

After our Vietnam trip last November, i did not expect myself to go on a trip so soon. But Kenny was saying this is the only slot he has (He is not confident of year end as work also heightens up). Kenny was supposed to plan for this one becos I planned Krabi for our 1st trip and Vietnam for the 2nd trip. About 2 weeks before the dates I asked him for plans and found that he has none and he couldn't come out wiht anything.

So took over I did and almost caused myself to turn blind due to the excessive amount of staring at the screen and intensive research of where I want to visit. Although I was thrown this task last minute, I wasn't a wee bit angry, upset or disappointed. Knowing that Kenny is not a person who likes to travel, and yet he indulges in me like that. I would probably come up with another entry loaded with pics regarding the trip. Hope I wouldn't procrastinate too much.

Ending off with a picture of my 'newly' packed work desk. Thank God for Youth Day!


This is how the other half of the table looks like now, and yup... THAT is how it usually is and worse...

Back to packing the other half and the other tables I have invaded b4 6pm!


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