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On my way to work I witnessed 2 scenarios.

Scenario One:
In a crowded MRT train, a high pitched child voice was heard whining that he cannot hit. 打不到,打不到 in a whiny tantrum tone.

From time to time, audible voice was heard from said child throughout the 20min train journey. Mid journey, the child's handheld game player volume was increased, so he was playing Angry Birds.

As the train empties itself at Dhoby Ghaut, I moved to cleared space and happened to be right in front of child. Child was sitting in a weird position, facing inwards where the backing is. Child's guardian (could be father or grandpa) held his hand across the back of child so that child would not fall back and be hurt. Although adult man said to child not to sit this way, he did not insist that he sits properly. The child then deliberately leaned back onto arm a few times, to test the 'back support'.

As I alighted, I stole a glance at adult man and he was looking conscious of others glares and could do nothing. I left shaking my head.

Scenario Two:
Mom and child crossing a small road at Chinatown. I think the mom just put the child down and child stumbled a little, in the direction towards the main road w moderate traffic.

Mom saw kid moved towards traffic (to me looked like stumbled), grabbed kid up and slap her thighs 3-4 times. Kid cries out loud. I dun think she knows why she is being punished. I walked past said mom and overheard her speaking in Cantonese. Not local.

I shook my head again.

I duno what made me want to write down this 2 accounts but I see 2 vastly different ways of parenting. Senario 1 is "The child is king". Senario 2 is "Punishment w/o explaining what was wrong behaviour". I don't subscribe to both.

I am no expert, I just hope I wld do a good job when it is my turn.

PS: the 2nd scenario actually resembles my mom's style of parenting,



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